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Securing customer data with Numberless Cards

Over the course of the last few months, many card issuers across Asia, Latin America and Europe have introduced numberless cards to secure customer data.

Numberless cards are plastic cards with no visible numbers or codes. Card numbers can be retrieved in the digital version of the card, via an app. The usage of numberless cards is as simple as traditional cards usage: in-store purchases require the user using plastic numberless card to enter the PIN code at the point-of-sale terminal. The difference is for an online purchase where the digital version of the numberless card is used though the app to get the number, with a dynamic CVV security code, thereby adding an extra layer of security. 

Offering such type of cards is a genuine step forward both in terms of simplicity and security & confidentiality.  Numberless cards help prevent the theft of personal and financial data by minimizing security concerns. This recent trend appears to be one of the “must haves” offer in terms of security. 

Going digital with numberless cards is appealing for many reasons: 

·       Instant 

Cards are available immediately in a digital format: no need to wait for the card manufacturing & delivery to use it. 

·       Available through multiple channels 

Mobile, internet and face-to-face. 

·       Secure

Biometric authentication with x-wallet payments and dynamic CVV2.

·       Attached to a plastic

Ensuring the maximum acceptance everywhere. Green PIN delivery possible through the app. 

But for established banks that feel locked-in by their own legacy platforms, the launch of a new digital product or offer can be challenging. As a matter of fact, legacy systems usually don’t have real-time issuance capabilities, lack support for virtual cards, have limited capabilities to implement card tokenization and limited flexibility on the authorization server for dynamic card checks, notifications, etc. 

HPS understands the difficulties encountered in the path to digitalization and offers a simple answer: PowerCARD, the next generation Card Management System and Authorization Server

For banks struggling to implement numberless cards on their existing CMS, HPS offers a simple solution with an unbeatable time to market: a new Card Management System, co-existing with the existing systems, to support the launch of multiple numberless cards products. 

Delivered in SaaS or on-premise, PowerCARD can be deployed as the main Card Management System or in parallel of existing systems.

Easy deployment of a new CMS to launch numberless cards

HPS built a comprehensive, flexible and forward-thinking CMS offer enabling instant issuing of any card, card product digitalization through Tokenization, open APIs, dynamic CVV2 management, etc. 

The deployment of PowerCARD next generation CMS enables the launch of new products easily, such as numberless cards. 

Implementing PowerCARD next generation Card Management System and Authorization Server offers some noteworthy benefits: 

·       Enhanced customer experience

The customer instantly creates a virtual card, on-demand from his mobile, for secured eCommerce purchases and receives real-time notifications on his mobile for each purchase. He can also add his virtual card in his favorite Wallet for secured mobile, internet and face to face payment. The cardholder can also use the plastic card which does not disclose any of his personal or card data. 

·       Improved customer’s trust through increased security

Extra layers of security with dynamic CVV2 and x-pay wallet payments secured by biometrics. 

·       Improved fraud management

PAN, expiration date and CVV are not embossed on the card which reduces increasingly fraud. Also, mobile notifications for each payment means customers can be aware and react sooner to a fraud. 

·       GDPR compliance

No customer information is displayed on the card. 

This next generation CMS and authorization server relies on the PowerCARD suite of solutions.

PowerCARD-Issuer provides complete services for issuance and management of all payment types (credit, debit, prepaid, corporate, etc.) in all form factors (plastic card, virtual card, mobile wallet, smart objects, etc.).


PowerCARD-Switch authorization management for Issuer provides a comprehensive solution managing the on-line activity of an issuer.


PowerCARD comes with a library of more than 200+ APIs, and as such can be easily integrated with any existing banking ecosystem.

To know more about HPS innovative solution to launch new products quickly on the market, please contact sales@hps-worldwide.com.