PowerCARD-eSecure helps increase confidence in online payments. The solutions key benefits include:

  • Decreased fraud for cardholders via a password verification system (or other form of authentication) that stops online purchases using only card details and preventing passwords being captured by merchants (authentication is between the issuer and the cardholder).
  • Fewer chargeback transactions for merchants as cardholders are authenticated while purchasing online.
  • Increased security to the issuing bank by limiting automatic liability shift.

PowerCARD-eSecure provides 3DSecure services to multiple institutions and manages multiple products per institution. PowerCARD-eSecure key product capabilities are:

  • Authentication and enrollment methods are defined at the product level.
  • Highly configurable authentication pages and supports multiple templates per product, automatic template adjustments based on browser, font/wording and automatic adjustments per product.

PowerCARD-eSecure is PA-DSS, Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode certified.

Enrollment Management
- Enrollment Web Services Interface
- Enrollment Batch File Interface
- Homebanking Web Page
- Activation During Shopping Webpage
Authentication Management
- SMS Gateway Interface
- Mobile Auth. Request Web Page
Payment Scheme Management
- American Express Interface
- Visa Interface
- MasterCard Interface