PowerCARD-Acquirer is a comprehensive merchant management back-end platform enabling acquirers to tailor specific solutions for any kind of merchant from small to large, with or without complex hierarchy, on the same PowerCARD-Acquirer platform.

PowerCARD-Acquirer is a multi-channel solution with no restriction on the type of transactions processed allowing acceptance of all types of payment – online, in person, on the go and over the phone.

Merchant accounts and transactions are stored and managed in PowerCARD-Acquirer giving acquirers complete control of the merchant billing, clearing and settlement processes. Transactions that are submitted to PowerCARD-Acquirer are automatically settled with merchant according to the flexible settlement options that are provided. 

Merchant service charges and transaction fees are calculated and managed through PowerCARD-Acquirer which also facilitates the collection of fees and charges from the merchants.

Merchant service charges and transaction fees are managed through a sophisticated and powerful fee generation engine that gives acquirers flexibility to propose attractive pricing options to merchants.

PowerCARD Connect’ APIs is an online portal that provides more than 120+ APIs to allow any third party system to trigger services or use data stored on PowerCARD and any third party developer to build innovative applications using PowerCARD data and services.

PowerCARD-Acquirer multi-currency, multiinstitution and multi-language capabilities allow the management of cross-border acquiring operations. PowerCARD-Acquirer’s ability to manage merchant portfolios in different countries and for different acceptance institutions, meets the needs of global and multinational merchants.



Merchant Management
- Merchant Management Module
- Merchant Account Module
- Interfaces
Transaction Management
- Transaction Processing Module
- Chargeback Module
Acquirer Clearing & Settlement Management
- International Schemes
- Domestic Schemes
- PowerCARD Managed Scheme
Reporting Management
- Reporting Module
- Merchant Profitability Module
- Dashboard Module
- Interfaces
Fraud Management
- Batch Fraud Module
- Interfaces
Accounting Management
- Accounting Module
Acquiring Channel Management
- PowerCARD-eCommerce Interface
- PowerCARD-Switch Interface
- 3rd Party Switch Interface
Value Added Services Management
- Merchant Promotions Module
- Push Marketing Module
- Bill payment Module
- Mobile Top Up Module
- DCC Module