Retail Payment

Retailers are facing global payment challenges, due to payment models’ proliferation and consumer behaviour progress. In the last decade, payment platforms have evolved beyond being a simple mean of transmitting funds to becoming added value systems for both consumers and retail clients. New frictionless payments emerged and completely reshaped traditional payment models.

Today, retailers need to reduce the cost of accepting electronic payments but also strengthen their relationship with their customers, learning to better understand their spending behaviour. They must be able to offer consumers a means of payment that is both secure and sufficiently adaptable to support their business today and tomorrow. 

To overcome all these challenges, HPS helps retailers build a centralised, open and flexible retail payment platform that allows their customers to shop by whatever channel they choose, 24-hours-a-day. The HPS Retailer Open Payment Platform offers a seamless customer journey by accepting transactions from any channel, within a secure payment environment. 

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Retailer Open Payment Platform

With the Retailer Open Payment Platform, embrace omni-channel, enable innovative payments and optimise payments costs

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