ATM management

Financial insitutions (FIs) and retailers across the world are increasingly operating their open own ATM systems and networks, meaning they are having to provide range of services, including cash withdrawal, bill payment, deposit/mini statements, mobile topups and PIN changes, on demand. To meet this increasing demand, organisations are having to pro-actively manage their ATM systems in a way that allows them to monitor their performance, resolve malfunctions, and co-ordinate reconciliation, back office accounting, clearing and settlement, as quickly as possibly.

To do this, while keeping operational costs to a minimum and ensuring services are avaliable 24/7, FIs and retailers will have to implement ATM systems that are card-agnostic, and support future technologies, such as automatic palm readers and facial reconigiton. Firms will also have to bear in mind that any system will have to meet the future demands of financial inclusion. 

HPS’ PowerCARD-ATM is a powerful, comprehensive and self-service solution that enables financial insitutions and retailers to manage, secure and get more out of their ATM systems and networks. 

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A comprehensive self-service solution that supports financial institutions and retailers in maximizing their ATMs

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