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to the World

In a world that evolves at the pace of information and new technologies, we have to continuously adapt to say in the core of international trade flows.

We believe the importance of diversity in the sense that the composition of our teams should reflect the overall diversity of the markets we serve.

Our HR strategy guaranties a balanced approach by hiring the best talents. We display to our co-workers an incorporation process, a training and carrier management worldwide in order to ensure them a rapid understanding of our industry, culture and vision. 

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Committed and talented, HPS employees are the Group’s primary drivers of innovation, and play a key role in the Group’s success. It is therefore crucial to offer a motivating and fulfilling working environment, which allows them to develop and reach their full potential, on both a professional and personal level. This is why it is important to create, maintain and develop conditions that contribute to the sustainable development of our employees, notably via training and skills development through the HPS Academy, with a focus on the constant broadening of our employees’ knowledge.

This is achieved through the implementation of innovative, tried-and-tested HR tools and processes, a powerful and motivating corporate culture, and a robust training scheme that supports the Group’s capacity for innovation.

HPS regularly defines actions to accompany more than 500 employees on a daily basis throughout their professional and personal development, and implements specific tools to periodically evaluate their motivation and satisfaction because we are aware that it is the start for a road of success.

We, at HPS, are transforming the challenges in concrete and unifying projects with our innovative solutions.

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