PowerCARD-Wallet is a white-label mobile payment solution, with instant payment and instant notification capabilities, providing its own prepaid account or connecting to any external payment means. The solution serves as a foundation for the deployment of any mobile payment use cases such as P2P, P2M, G2P, P2B,...

PowerCARD-Wallet manages the entire ecosystem including customers, merchants, agents, distributors,... Once enrolled in the platform, customers can use their embedded prepaid account or any of their existing banking cards and banking accounts as source of funds to transfer money or pay goods.

Cash-in and Cash-out can happen anywhere in the network: at ATM, at branch, at agent/distributor, at merchant, online,...

An extensive customer hierarchy management is provided by PowerCARD-Wallet to support any combination of Customer - Mobile Phone – Wallet - Payment Means.

Through its PowerCARD Connect’ APIs, PowerCARD-Wallet facilitates integration with external systems.

Wallet Management
- Customer Management Module
- Agent Management Module
- Interfaces
Customer Account Management
- Profile Management Module
- Prepaid Account Module
- Interfaces
Merchant Management
- Merchant Management Module
- Interfaces
External Payment Mean Management
- External Account Module
- External Card Module
Interfaces Management
- PowerCARD Connect’ API
Accounting Management
- Accounting Module