Merchant Acquiring

In the new digital and globalised world, cross-border acquirers and retailers are having to process digital and in-person payments from across the globe,.This has led to an unprecedented number of challenges.

Acquirers are now having to provide greater flexibility and transparency on pricing, while connecting multiple local and international schemes. At the same time, acquirers are also under pressure to optimise processing costs and commission schemes. On the other hand, retailers are increasingly trying to extract customer insights from transaction data, optimize interchange costs from the “best” acquirer, while becoming PCI compliant and reducing operational costs. 

To overcome these challenges, acquirers and retailers are having to adapt their systems to accommodate any merchant structure and increase the organisation of their product distribution and merchant sales. 

HPS’ PowerCARD-Acquirer is a flexible and comprehensive merchant management platform that enables acquirers and retailers to overcome all of these challenges, while increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs. 

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