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Card Issuing

In today’s crowded payments market, established card issuers and new market entrants, require flexible solutions that enable them to manage all card types, including credit, debit commercial and prepaid, through all stages of their lifecycle. 

Having solutions in place that gives issuers the freedom to define their card products, is critical to allowing them to innovative within their markets, adapt to new regulations and compete quickly and dynamically.. This also requires daily involvement from business, marketing, IT and operation functions, so it is crucial that all have access to the right information and business processes and that this access is streamlined to optimise operational costs. 

Digital transformation, FinTechs and regulators are putting additional pressures on issuers to provide mobile and innovative services directly to their consumers. European regulators are also forcing issuers to open access to their accounts, which is driving a common challenge: the ability to expose Open APIs to be consumed by third-party providers. 

HPS’ PowerCARD product suite is able to help issuers to address the challenges facing the Front and Back office operations using PowerCARD-Switch and/or PowerCARD-Issuer.

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