e/m Commerce

Over the last decade, there has been a rapid rise in both e-commerce and m-commerce. In both cases, as the card is non present, transactions need to be  secured and authenticated. This requires card issuers to implement Access Control Servers (ACS) for 3DSecure authentication, and payment gateways to implement a Merchant Plug-In on their platforms.

Payment gateways need to provide diverse payment methods, support multiple card schemes and tokenisation, while being flexible enough to be interagrated within merchant websites. For ACS’s the payment platform needs to have a flexible enrolment mechanmism such as ‘Activation During Shopping’ and cardholder authentication methods. 

HPS’ PowerCARD-eCommerce is a multi-merchant and aquirer solution for eCommerce and MOTO payment management that offers easy integration with merchants by facilitating multiple methods of data submissions. 

HPS’ PowerCARD-eSecure solution helps to increase the confidence in online payments, by providing 3DSecure services to multiple institutions and products. 

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