PowerCARD-WebPublisher is a web portal solution for issuers and acquirers addressing the specific needs of their different customers. It is a unique solution that simplifies the construction, the exploitation and the maintenance of web portals dedicated to consumers, corporates and merchants.

PowerCARD-WebPublisher allows data consolidation from different sources, configuration and publishing of personalized web portals for consumers, corporates and merchants. Data coming from different host systems are aggregated, without any storage, to give web users a unique and consolidated view of their information.

Through its Admin. Center, PowerCARD-WebPublisher allows configuring and personalizing web portals thanks to simple drag & drop functionality. Any screens, any font size or colour, any text, any background colour, any table column, any translation can be easily adjusted through the Admin. Center. Changes are applied in real-time and immediately available at the next connection to the portal.

PowerCARD-WebPublisher is natively interfaced with any other PowerCARD solutions but also offers a complete set of web services built to the IFX standards for interfacing with any external systems.

Services to consumers include Card Management (e-statement, PIN change, card replacement, stop/ block card) and Account Management (history and list of transactions).

Services to corporates include Card and Account Management (list of cards by department, order new cards, usage restriction) and User Management (hierarchy and delegate user management).

Services to merchants include Remittances and Transactions details, Claims Management and follow up, Activity Reporting and Merchant Details (contract, services, outlet and Equipment’s view).

Cardholder Portal
- Online Enrollment
- Card Activity
- Card Management
- Document & Request
Agent & Branch Portal
- Card Selling
- Card Activity
- Prepaid Card
Corporate Portal
- Online Enrollment
- Card Activity
- Card Management
- Document & Request
- Portfolio Management
Loyalty Operator Portal
- Merchant Promotions
- Issuer Campaigns
Merchant Portal
- First Contact
- Merchant Data & Activity
- Dashboard
- Multi-hierarchy Level
- Merchant promotions
- Document and Request