Retailer Open Payment

The Retailer Open Payment Platform offers a seamless customer journey by accepting transactions from any channel, within a secure payment environment.

HPS Retailer Open Payment Platform relies on strong yet flexible PowerCARD blocks. It is an all-in-one, pre-acquiring and/or acquiring, Nexo-ready solution.

PowerCARD at a glance

  • Omni-channel management and consolidation of any payment in a flexible, transparent and reliable manner and, as a consequence, increasing customers' knowledge and spending patterns.
  • Optimise the routing of authorisations and transactions to the acquirer by using smart and dynamic rules to get the best individual cost for each transaction and by being able to convert easily from one protocol to another, as required. 
  • Secure utilising a PCI-DSS certified and high availability platform. 

Innovate both for today and tomorrow by using the adaptable HPS platform to support any existing and new payment means, that can be tokenised to store securely payment credentials required for innovative customer journey use cases.  

Front office
- Omni-channel
- Smart and Dynamic switching 
- Protocol conversion
- High performance
Back office
- Merchant management
- Omni-channel
- Smart and Dynamic routing 
- Protocol conversion 
- Reporting
- Payment means Tokenisation 
- Card On File
- Invisible payments
- Digital wallet 
Web Portal
- Contract view
- Messaging
- Reporting and Dashboard
- Aligned with merchant hierarchy