PowerCARD-xPOS allows multinational retailers, retail banks and payment service providers to be able to rapidly roll out new services and simplify worldwide device deployment while controlling maintenance and administration costs.

PowerCARD-xPOS supports any kind of payment devices: standalone POS, ePOS (integrated cash register), Mobile POS,...

PowerCARD Connect’ Transacting APIs exposes APIs for 3rd party to feed authorizations and transactions to PowerCARD-xPOS.

PowerCARD-xPOS has a native built-in interface with PowerCARD-Switch to optimize operations but can also integrate seamlessly with other external solutions.

PowerCARD-xPOS configures devices through a complete set of parameters, it also manages device lifecycle and provides device inventory.

PowerCARD-xPOS drives devices, switches authorizations and captures transaction data. The solution enables value-added services such as DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion), bill payment, mobile top-up, instalments, cash-back,...

PowerCARD-xPOS is a multi-protocol solution and device agnostic. Devices managed by PowerCARD-xPOS can accept all types of cards (magnetic, EMV and chip cards, contactless etc.) being prepaid, debit, credit, loyalty or private label cards.

Device Management
- Inventory Management
- Device Parameters Management
Payment Management
- Authorization Management
- Data Capture
Interfaces Management
- PowerCARD Connect’ Transacting APIs
Protocol Management
- Other Protocol
- PowerCARD Protocol PPWM
Value Added Services Management
- Online Loyalty Transaction Interface
- Online Bill Payment Interface
- Online Mobile Top Up Trx. Interface
- Online DCC Transaction Interface