HPS Honored in Dakar

Date: Dec 20, 2012

The celebration commenced with an opening statement by Mister Jean-Baptiste Compaoré, Vice President of the Central Bank of the West-African States. This statement was presented to a crowd of more than 200 personalities (presidents, general secretaries and general managers) representing their banks, postal offices, and other financial institutions based in the eight countries that form the UEMOA region. Also present were delegates of international payment networks such as Visa and MasterCard.

In his speech which was part of the conference held within the context of this event, Mister Blaise Aouantchede, General Manager of GIM UEOMA, revived the events and factors that lead to HPS being the technology partner of choice. Mister Aouantchede expressed the importance of such a decision, which lead to the creation of a regional card payment center unique of its kind, and how HPS stood out as unique component in a long list of solution vendors that were part of an international tender. He also took this occasion to express his satisfaction and joy for the success that this large-scale project has witnessed and which acted as a game changer for the banks of the region. Mister Aouantchede instilled pride in the guests by mentioning that this was all African technology developed by a Moroccan company. In his speech, Mister HORANI expressed his congratulations to the West-African banking community, under the patronage of the BCEAO central bank, for acting as a pioneer in this field, adding that this partnership perfectly illustrates what the South-South cooperation resembles and how it should be applied in all business and social fields.


About HPS

HPS is leading payment Solutions Company. More than 100 sites use HPS's PowerCARD© solution supporting the processing needs of over 320 institutions (banks, financial institutions, telecom operators, postal organizations, government entities, etc.) in over 70 countries around the world including Japan, Malaysia, Canada, France, Brazil, etc.

HPS has been listed on the Casablanca Stock Exchange since 2006 and now has over 300 employees based in Casablanca, Dubai, Paris, Aix-en-Provence and Miami.