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HPS Acquires ACPQualife

Date: Jul 28, 2010

This new acquisition, in line with HPS’ global strategy, aims to position HPS on its customer’s entire value chain by offering new products and services and sustaining the Group’s growth by developing new business models.

Created in 2002, ACPQualife built internationally recognized expertise in the field of software Testing and Qualification and strong industry expertise in electronic banking and broader
management of electronic transactions (Software publisher, Integrator, Consultant).

Today ACPQualife has over 30 prestigious clients in France and Europe including Credit Agricole, Air France and Française des Jeux, recording a turnover of 6.6 million Euros at the end of 2009 with close to 80 employees.

With this new investment, HPS aims in particular to:

  • strengthen its global image and more specifically its position in France and Europe,
  • expand its product offering with a complementary and innovative web portal solution: VISION,
  • offer complete software and testing qualification in relation to its flagship product,
  • PowerCARD.

HPS seeks synergies resulting directly in very strong capitalization in terms of R&D,
acquisition of a solid technological expertise in the J2EE environment, sharing of technical, administrative and commercial costs.

The characteristics of the capital increase are as follows:

  • Issue price: 690.0 Dhs
  • Number of shares: 53 599
  • Total amount: 36,983,310 Dhs

About HPS

HPS is a leading payment solutions company. More than 100 sites use HPS’s PowerCARD© solution supporting the processing needs of over 320 institutions (banks, financial institutions, telecom operators, postal organizations, government entities, etc.) in over 70 countries around the world including Japan, Malaysia, Canada, France, Brazil, etc.

HPS has been listed on the Casablanca Stock Exchange since 2006 and now has over 300 employees based in Casablanca, Dubai, Paris, Aix-en-Provence and Miami.