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PowerCARD-eCommerce is a multi-merchant and multi-acquirer solution for eCommerce and MOTO payment management.

PowerCARD-eCommerce allows easy integration with merchants by offering multiple methods of data submission.

PowerCARD-eCommerce provides flexible payment options. Consumers can pay using any of the most common online payment methods and new payment methods can be added easily. Consumers can select their currency and choose their most convenient payment option.

To facilitate operations, PowerCARD-eCommerce can be synchronized with external systems for merchant data, BIN ranges, exchange rates through web services or batch and by being natively interfaced with other PowerCARD solutions.

PowerCARD-eCommerce provides a sophisticated self-service portal allowing merchants to personalize each and every checkout page. Through the merchant web portal, merchants can follow-up and manage their transactions in real-time, generate reports, enter transactions manually through the Virtual Terminal (MOTO), reverse/refund transactions and exchange secure online messages with payment gateway operators.

Operators have access to the same level of functionalities as merchants through the self-service portal but they can also manage user access rights and profiles and create and manage a wide range of parameters (currency, default messages, fraud filter etc.)

PowerCARD-eCommerce supports 3DSecure transactions with the MPI module and has native built-in interfaces with other PowerCARD solutions to optimize operations.

Merchant Interfaces Management
- Direct Method Interface
- Redirect Method Interface
- Server to Server Interface
- Batch Interface
- Web Services Interface
Transaction Management
- PowerCARD-Acquirer
- Interface
- 3rd Party Acquirer Interface
3D Secure Management
- MPI Module
- Visa Interface
- MasterCard Interface
Merchant Portal Management
- Merchant Self Service Portal
Merchant Data Management
- PowerCARD-Acquirer Interface
- Web Services Interface