Opening of the HPS Europe office on the sidelines of Cartes & Identification 2009

Date: Nov 19, 2009
HPS, a leading payment solutions company, is participating at Cartes & Identification 2009, the world’s leading event devoted to electronic banking, digital security and card technologies.
With over 20,000 visitors from close to 140 countries and 1,500 convention participants, this event is for HPS, highly visible on the international market, a real showcase to present its innovative solutions and also to meet its customers and commercial partners.
In the three days of this event, HPS will present all of its value added services and solutions relating to PowerCARD, the line of products from HPS for management of multichannel electronic payment means, which has been proven on the international market as attested by the growing number of operators in various sectors of activity that have opted for this solution.
During Cartes & Identification 2009 HPS will present its latest electronic payment innovation. This is its M-Payment system, a platform that enables many transactions to be performed via mobile telephone, such as purchasing goods and services, bill payment, funds transfer, payment of monthly credit instalments, payment over the internet and even loyalty management.
HPS’ participation in Cartes & Identification 2009 has a special character this year in that this event coincides with the official opening of the HPS Europe office in Paris.
This new European subsidiary, based in Paris, now supports all HPS operations on the European continent. Indeed, according to Mr. Mohamed Horani, President and CEO of HPS, “this conclusion has become necessary for closer proximity to this dynamic and strategic market which represents 38% of HPS’ overall turnover in the first half of 2009”.
This is the second international location of HPS after that of Dubai, inaugurated in 2003 to cover the Middle East and Asia regions
About HPS
HPS is a leading payment solutions company. More than 100 sites use HPS’s PowerCARD© solution supporting the processing needs of over 320 institutions (banks, financial institutions, telecom operators, postal organizations, government entities, etc.) in over 70 countries around the world including Japan, Malaysia, Canada, France, Brazil, etc.
HPS has been listed on the Casablanca Stock Exchange since 2006 and now has over 300 employees based in Casablanca, Dubai, Paris, Aix-en-Provence and Miami.