Modernising issuers in a digital-first world

How the pandemic has prompted issuers to embrace digital payments and cloud capabilities. 

Issuers have struggled with the ever-thinner margins of traditional interchange business models and now turn to emerging digital payments as a new means of supporting revenue growth. While there is enthusiasm to adopt digital payments, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the challenges of running legacy systems in a digital-first world. Issuers have struggled with their ability to support and orchestrate the high demand of digital payments, both in terms of volume and variety.

Issuers, particularly tier-1 banks, are having to keep pace with technology trends and accelerate product launches. How do issuer banks meet new and complex regulatory requirements whilst dealing with the ever-increasing competition?

This report, commissioned by HPS and produced by Omdia, outlines the key business, regulatory and technological challenges faced by issuers and provides analysis and recommendations of how to respond to these trends.