Improving efficiency in your business with better training

Payments – an ever-evolving ecosystem 

Over the years, payments have evolved from traditional payment methods means (check, cash, cards, etc.) to increasingly more digital, modern, real-time and frictionless versions. The digital payments ecosystem is today mainly dominated by mobile payments such as wallets, QR code solutions, wearables, virtual cards, numberless cards, etc. These new solutions are focused on real-time, low-value, high-volume transactions, peer-to-peer and m-commerce. 

As payments evolve, so does the technology behind them. Technology is the backbone that powers all these innovative payment solutions.

As a bank or financial institution, it can be a challenge to keep up with this frenetic pace: staying innovative, using the latest technologies with the highest security standards, launching new products and offers, etc. All while keeping your existing customers delighted and attracting new ones.

To achieve this level of flexibility and be successful in bringing new products to market, you need to have a complete payment solution that will enable you to do this effectively. By choosing a future-proof payments platform, you're investing in a lifetime solution that will help you meet your needs over time.

Operating in an ecosystem where technology is consistently evolving means that your solution will evolve as well: it will change and grow alongside your needs.

As in every other industry, software users need to stay updated at some point to get the most out of their systems. The payments industry is no exemption.

Payment software training, why?

Payment software training is designed to assist users of a payment platform to understand the impactful changes to payment products and services. For these users, it is all about understanding the role of individuals, how organizations work, the interaction of the payment card , the end-to-end payments ecosystem, and finally the mastery of the payment platform which is a key to running any business effectively.

Comprehensive training solutions are key as they provide clear insights and help users get a closer look on the best way to run and grow a business and doing it in total autonomy. In other words, how to optimize and master the use of their payments platform to serve their objectives.

Those trainings are also a great opportunity to integrate continuous skills improvement in a company’s strategy (for e.g., to review best practices, to do a refresh on less used features, to discover new releases, etc.).

Companies can also benefit on self-service trainings to simplify and optimise the training and integration of new recruits, to ensure a certain extent secure functional expertise within their teams.

For these reasons, in HPS, we understand the importance of providing top-notch guidance to allow our customers to navigate PowerCARD, our single technology platform, with the highest levels of autonomy.

HPS Academy was launched in 2007 to train HPS customers and partners with the only objective to give them all the tools to understand and run PowerCARD to serve their business. They can pick from a rich training catalogue and build their own customised training modules, on-site or remotely. HPS Academy recently launched a brand new eAcademy, to follow online trainings, providing even greater flexibility for the users. Those trainings are a key success factor for any new project launch but also a way to ensure you are optimizing your platform and making the most out of it.  

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