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PowerCARD-Tokenisation provides tokenisation and de-tokenisation services either through dedicated authorization/clearing/chargeback interfaces or through web-services and batch interfaces.

Each generated token is linked to a token product that includes the token profile (token domain) and the token limits so that the token requestor can limit or restrict the usage of that token. Those profiles and limits will be controlled when PowerCARD-Tokenisation will be performing the de-tokenisation.

A token vault is embedded into PowerCARD-Tokenisation to securely store tokens. 

PowerCARD-Tokenisation provides a sophisticated hierarchy management covering any combinations between customer, card, token, device with independent lifecycle status at each level of the hierarchy.

PowerCARD-Tokenisation sits in between the Card Management System for enrolment and lifecycle management, the Mobile Provisioning Server and the Authorization Systems / Payment Schemes for managing authorization, clearing and chargeback flow. 

PowerCARD-Tokenisation provides multiple deployment scenarios depending on the needs of customers: supporting local payment scheme, supporting international payment scheme, managing on-us transactions, minimizing impacts on existing systems,...