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PowerCARD-Switch offers 100% availability with active/ active architecture, it is also able to process thousands of transaction per second. A performance expected in the mission-critical world of electronic payment transaction processing.

PowerCARD-Switch supports all payment networks services and seamlessly enables multi-channel authorization and transactions switching.

PowerCARD-Switch offers value added services involving multiple actors in the same transaction such as DCC, mobile Top-Up and bill payment.

PowerCARD-Switch manages interfaces with the major international payment schemes to ensure ongoing compliance with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Japan Credit Bureau (JCB) and China Union Pay (CUP), thus providing global connectivity and worldwide acceptance.

PowerCARD-Switch also manages interfaces with additional networks, including domestic payment schemes.

PowerCARD-Switch can detect in real-time or near real-time any suspicious authorizations and make the right decisions in real-time being able to decline authorizations, alert the cardholders or open a case for further investigation.  

PowerCARD-Switch is interoperable with PowerCARDIssuer and PowerCARD-Acquirer to provide issuers and acquirers with a single, reliable platform through which transactions are processed.